Nash Gallery’s Current Exhibition: “From Dawn to Dusk”

Evan“From Dawn to Dusk” Photorealistic oil paintings by Evan Ventris

“Growing up in rural Northeast Iowa gave me a deep appreciation for the natural beauty in landscapes. This series of Iowa landscapes allowed me to showcase the beauty I see throughout the area. Some of the references I use for this series comes from photographs I take while driving old country roads searching to find just the right setting. Many times I find myself rushing to capture that perfect image before the awe inspiring colors and shadows disappear. Other photographs I have taken from my own back yard, with the rolling corn fields of family farms spread across acres in the distance”.

Evan Ventris grew up on a farm in Clayton County and is now living and working in rural Dubuque County. His recent efforts have been on creating photorealistic oil paintings. Previously he has also created digital images and 3D sculptures. Evan received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Clarke University.

Recent group shows include The Salon Exhibition in August 2013 and Clarke University’s offsite exhibit and the Salon de Refuses during the Fall Into Art gallery tour in October 2012.

GALLERY HOURS: 12:00-4:00 PM Saturdays and Sundays.

Exhibition ends December 1rst.

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