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Community TV Channels 15&16
  Educational Channel 17&19
  Government Channel 8
  Community Radio FM 101.3

Dubuque, Iowa
Public Access Channels 15& 16
Educational Channel 17 - Parochial schools/colleges
Educational Channel 19 - Dubuque Community School District
Government Channel 8
Community Radio FM 101.3

So What is Community Television?
As a member of the community with a special interest, talent, or point of view, You can create programs that reach a very receptive Dubuque audience. CTV programs are delivered to the Dubuque community via cable television.

How To See Yourself on CTV
Whether you want to cablecast an existing program to a Dubuque audience, or create your own from scratch, CTV's knowledgeable staff members will help you every step of the way.
Best of all, you can afford to be on CTV. CTV services available at no charge to Dubuque residents.

We'll Teach You Everything You Need To Know
Translating your idea into a program is a lot easier than you may think You'll discover just how easy it is when you attend a free CTV orientation.
CTV orientation workshops will provide you with the background on community television, as well as specifics on program development and production. The staff at CTV will help you every step of the way.

ctv studios, 3033 asbury road, dubuque, ia 52001 563-588-3040

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